February 28, 2015

Welcome to Y.A.Ds

Youths Against disasters (YADS) is a Kenya local not-for-profit Non Governmental Organization (NGO) working in Kenya with its headquarters in Nairobi city. It was formed and registered with the Non Governmental Coordination Board, Office of the Vice President, Ministry of State for National Heritage and Culture on the 6th day of July, 2011. The main objective is to voluntarily offer services in disaster risk reduction to the youth and the general public, through trainings in disaster preparedness and dissemination of relevant information.

Disaster Risk Reduction:

We believe that the youth have the potential and power to change the world for better. They have the ability to assess the unique needs of the community in terms of disaster risk reduction and create meaningful change and we support the youths in leading this positive change. We aim at improving the general awareness and disaster preparedness level to both natural and human made disasters in order to make the society more resilient.

YADs Strategies:

Disasters continue to strike and increase in magnitude, complexity, frequency and economic impact. While most of the phenomena causing disasters are in most cases beyond human control, vulnerability is generally a result of human activity. Therefore the society must recognize that strengthening traditional methods and exploring new ways to live with such risk, and taking urgent actions to prevent as well as to reduce the effects of such hazards on the society is the key thing. The capacity to do so is always available. The aims of intervention of YADs are by identifying youths who are willing to be trained in disaster preparedness.